It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health

“How is it we spend more time taking care of our teeth, than we do our minds? Why is it, our physical health is so much more important to us, than our psychological health?… It is time we closed the gap between our physical and our psychological health.” – Guy Winch

It seems almost logical to read the above quote and think ‘You know, that’s such a simple statement that we should be asking ourselves, and be aware of’.

And yet, not many of us are.

I know I wasn’t. For years I was down on myself, crippled by self doubt and anxiety about who I was, where I was going, whether I was liked by people, how I was going to get by another day feeling miserable and why this was happening to me.

The truth is mental illness can affect anyone.

It doesn’t matter how famous, or rich, or nice, or loved you are. It can affect us all.

But we can beat it. We can fight back. We can learn to see the signs, and act upon them. We can even learn to ‘love’ it and use it to make ourselves better individuals.


I know I am. I begun my journey a month ago and, while I’ve only taken what can be considered baby steps, I’ve had more good days so far in 2016 than bad ones.

And that’s a good sign. It means I’ve faced up to my fears.

I’ve talked about them, written about them, and taken action.

If, like me, you feel like or have felt like things can be too much, remember: there is always help at hand.

Today, Thursday February 4 2016, is Time to Talk Day.

The aim behind this is as simple – to get more people talking about mental health, the stigmas behind it and how you can combat it or help someone who is/has been a sufferer.

One in four people suffer with their mental health every year and, more often than not, most feel like they’re alone and have no-one to turn to.

This is simply not true.

We have to break the silence around the stigma of mental health. We have to talk to each other. To galvanise each other. To reach out and lend an ear for anyone who needs it.

It’s Time to Talk about mental health. If you do anything today, let it be that.

For more information on Time to Talk Day, visit


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